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Group Programs

Hawaii Homestay provides two types of group programs. Our Homestay Only Program provides family experiences only. Our Hawaii English Experience provides a full program with weekday classes and activities. See a complete description of our Hawaii English Experience program.

Group Programs include:

• Selection of host families
• Two students placed in each home
• Round trip transfers between airport or hotel & community center
• Homestay and community orientation
• Counseling throughout the program
• Participation in host family activities
• All meals in home

Rules for Homestay Participants:

  • Your homestay experience is to be regarded as a sharing of cultures and not simply as room and board accommodations.
  • As part of the family, you will be expected to help with household chores, keep your room clean and prepare an occasional meal for yourself.
  • You must be willing to abide by the house rules of your host family and the laws of the community.
  • Students who smoke are to do so only outside the house unless given permission to smoke inside by the family. Absolutely no smoking is permitted in your bedroom.
  • Driving a host family vehicle is not permitted.
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages is not allowed, if you are under 21 years old. If you are 21 or older you may drink in your host home if is offered by your family.
  • Meals are served on the family’s schedule. You are responsible for meals eaten outside the home unless invited out by your host family.
  • Overseas calls must be made collect or with a telephone card.
  • You are responsible for using public transportation to and from classes, for touring and recreation unless your host family volunteers to drive you.
  • You will stay with your originally assigned host family unless a move is arranged by mutual agreement between your host family, the Homestay staff, and yourself.
  • All financial arrangements between participants and families are to be made exclusively through Hawaii Homestay.
  • Hawaii Homestay reserves the right to remove any student from a home and cancel his/her program if the rules cannot be followed.

Application requirements:

  • Completed applications, signed rules & agreement forms and letters of introduction – six weeks prior to arrival date
  • Non-refundable registration fee of $100 per student due with application (remaining tuition due no later than one week before arrival)
  • Passport and tourist visa
  • Health insurance


Hawaii English Experience Program

The English Experience programs take students from the English classroom setting in their home countries to a complete learning environment with multiple opportunities for using the English language and becoming familiar with the Hawaiian-American culture. From the moment they awaken until they retire at night, they are stimulated by interesting and challenging situations.They are assisted by caring host families, qualified teachers and expert guides. They are encouraged to speak and think in English, try new ways of communication and explore the beautiful island of Oahu.

An atmosphere of acceptance and genuine interest in their success helps them to respond with a sincere desire to speak English and to establish bonds of friendship. Daily experiences are designed by the teacher and staff to constantly compel students to discover their own potential as well as to “discover” Hawaii.

A community center is the focal point for activities. Homes are located nearby and buses service the area. Instructions, discussions and activities begin at 9:00 a.m. Monday through Friday. Excursions are planned for the group two or more times a week and optional activities are suggested by the teacher. All excursions are selected for their educational and experiential value. Group activities with host families and a presentation by the students at the end of the tour complete a well-rounded program.

Educational materials and activities:

1. A booklet of essays provides material for reading, discussion, and exercises in English usage. Hawaiiana, useful information about excursions and subjects related to the homestay experience are the basis for the text.
2. Maps, dictionaries, books and references on American expressions and Hawaiian words provide additional resources.
3. Demonstrations and creative activities involve students in practical language usage.
4. Daily journal assignments develop writing skills.

Sample excursions selected by teachers [minimum of two per week]:

1. Waikiki, International Market Place, Ala Moana Shopping Center
2. Circle Island Tour
3. Sea Life Park, Hanauma Bay, Halona Blow Hole
4. Bishop Museum
5. Pearl Harbor
6. Waimea Falls Park and Arboretum
7. Downtown tour – Chinatown, State Capitol, Iolani Palace, Aloha Tower
8. Honolulu Maritime Museum
9. Diamond Head hike
10. Selected tours for special interest and temporary presentations



Special Educational Tours
for School Groups
awaii Homestay invites schools to participate in our short stay educational programs for junior and senior high schools and colleges. Students participate in group educational activities and stay with host families to learn more about our American lifestyle and culture. Students practice using the English they have been learning in their classrooms. Through our planned program, they experience the highlights of Oahu, learn more about our history, make lasting friendships with local people, visit the beach and do a little shopping in just a few days!

PRICES FOR PROGRAM: Please contact the Hawai’i Homestay office directly for complete prices.


  • Homestay placement of 2 students with each host family
  • Orientation, teaching and supervision by Hawaii Homestay staff
  • All transfers
  • All meals except lunch on first day of activities
  • Free homestay for one escorting teacherSAMPLE ITINERARY
  • Thursday Arrival
    Orientation with Hawaii Homestay staff.
    Welcome by host families.
    Transfer to host homes. Time for resting and getting acquainted with host families.



  • Friday 9:00 to 5:00
    Introduction of activities and conversation related to the history of Honolulu. Tour of historical downtown Honolulu and Waikiki. Visit to Ala Moana Center. Transfer to host homes. Students bring money for ordering lunch as part of English Experience.



  • Saturday 9:00 to 12:30
    Visit to Hawaii’s Plantation Village to learn about the history of immigrants in Hawaii. Afternoon with host families for sight seeing, shopping or going to the beach.



  • Sunday
    Day for activities with host families



  • Monday
    Transfer to airport for departure.*


    * The above days of the week provide the best level of participation for students and host families. Days and activities may be changed to accommodate the needs of each group.

    APPLICATION PROCEDURES: Print out the Application Form and Rules & Agreement Form for your students. You will need to send both forms for each student along with their letters of introduction and non refundable registration fee to Hawaii Homestay.


Please contact our office directly for prices.