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Host Family Application

If you are interested in becoming a host family, please fill out our application.

We provide several programs throughout the year for various groups, so the lengths and commitments for each homestay experience will vary.  We notify all of our host families of upcoming program opportunities via email.

Date of Application:
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Last Name: *
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Please list only children currently living at home:
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Date of Birth Child 1:
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List Other Members of Household (e.g. Aunty Momi, Grandpa Jo, Exchange Student Noriko, etc):
Family Interests and Hobbies (e.g. surfing, hiking, shopping, baking, etc):
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We prefer to host:
Brief description of your home (e.g. single family home, 4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms):
Any additional information you would like share:
Hawaii Homestay provides a small stipend
to help cover the cost of gas and food.
This stipend is taxable income and host families
who receive more than $600.00 per year in stipends
will receive a Form 1099 tax document.

Stipend Check made out to: *